Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Save Cost And Buy Quality with Roman Blinds

The raised and lowered mechanism of roman blinds sounds to be a compelling ornamentation for your dwelling. It is quite different from other varieties of blinds and changes the usual window covering with layered approach.

The lining would make the fabric stiff and may not easily wear out. The roman shades afford privacy, keep off bright light, filter airborne dust and re-direct radiation. When installed over bay window they filter gentle breeze.

Inspired by its elegance and radiant multi-colors they are installed in hotels, cafeteria, restaurants and work place. They give neat finish and lessen the incidence of overlapping. Thus replace the need for curtains.
The making of roman blinds will not demand more accessories. They cost low and dowel, cord, fabric and some sewing materials are enough to craft this awe-inspiring item. They are designed to create stunning accent with contrast borders, piped and trimmed edges.

Roman shades usually take traditional style to embark casual outlook. The flat style with elegant panels gives dual advantage. The European style with deep U-shaped curve and intricate design contribute contemporary touch. The hobbled type draws striking visual impact.

Make your home vivacious with a blend of different styles, colors and fabric. Change every dimension of your room with distinct furnish. The dark colors like red, blue, tanned brown and burgundy remains eye-catchy while green, pink, yellow and golden colors add charm to your space.

The pleated balloon, vertical and tabbed types give different texture to your window. Choosing the right fabric is a great deal. The robust fabric with environment matching multi-colors would add delight to your space.
The roman blinds are available in different dimensions and shapes with floral, geometric, plain, dotted, striped and checked patterns. Since it is your initial choice make careful options. Try to install them in a way that exactly synchronizes with your room.

The installation process is simple with dowel and cord. The thickly woven fabric would be useful for operating the blinds. The sheer and light fabric would turn up weak on continuous drag and pull.
The sewing mechanisms also play main role in production. The eco-friendly and non-allergenic ambiance is created by using natural fibers. The silk and polyester mix deliver lavish outlook and the synthetic fibers ensure hard wearing.

One may customize his own blinds by giving proper measurement to the expert designer. Just make the inner and outer recess measurement of your window. And decide on the drop length whether it has to extend beyond the sill or not.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tips On How To Measure Curtains and Roman Blinds

Curtains deliver elegance and shield our home from intense light, water, dust and harmful radiation. These draperies are available in various shapes and dimensions with funky styles and vivid colors. They can be easily accessed at retail outlets or by online purchase.

They filter gentle breeze with vivacious linings and are tailored using different fabric. As many people are keen to adorn their interior the hype for Cushions, Roman Blinds, Custom Made Curtains, and Made to Measure curtains arise.

Many online curtain designers are out there to craft your desired curtain. But you may bring your dream curtain to visual form only if you provide proper width and breadth. Here are some of the tips on measuring curtains.

Tips On How To Measure Roman Blinds

Initial care has to be taken while implementing Roman Blinds. For any type of curtains the exact window measurement is essential. And in case of Roman Blinds both inside and outside recess measurements are essential for exact window fit.

The inside recess is a simple deal where you take wall to wall measurements in three different spots. This would be helpful in case when your window takes different shape except square. And make a note on small measurement.

And based upon the inner recess measurement the curtain makers will diminish the given size and make a curtain to ensure issueless perfect movements. The outside recess measurement is very simple, as just note down the width of the window architecture.

Finally measure the length of the drop from window top to sill.

Tips On How To Measure Curtains on a Rail

If you wish to hang the curtains by following rail system then Pencil Pleat, Goblet Pleat, and Triple Pleat headings would be the appropriate choice. The pencil pleat is always a first and eminent option since it could compliment any kind of furnishing.

The goblet pleat brings in elegance and sway as long lasting luxury while triple pleat or French pleat will add superior sophistication and could exactly fit pelmet. 

The curtain rail should be fixed 15cm above the window and must be extended to 15 to 20 cm. And also maintain a width of 2.5 cm so that the event of overlapping will not occur. The curtains that fall below the sill would end up with 15cm and floor length curtains at 1.5 cm length from the floor.

Tips On How To Measure Curtains on a Pole

Many stylish poles are available in the market. They carry vivid colours with wood, metal and plastic combinations. Similar to curtains on rail the pencil pleat, goblet pleat, triple pleat, eyelet and tab top pleat would be the apt heading styles.

The measure for curtains on pole is similar to that of rail system. For triple, pencil and goblet headings just measure from pole rings. For eyelet or tab top heading perform measurement from the pole tip.

If you confront difficulties on making perfect measurement, hire a professional to get the task complete. This would be helpful when you order for custom made curtains or made to measure curtains.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Made To Measure Curtains – An ideal outfit for Your Doors and Windows

The concept of made to measure curtains is not something new but absolutely it is unusual. It is normal for everyone to dream for a SWEET HOME nevertheless, the charm of your space is further spruced up by exemplary interior designing accessories.

There exist several curtain styles in the market, where you can pick out the perfect made to measure curtains- Curtain of your choice. Many curtain and fabric companies across the globe throngs to deliver the curtain of your desire.

It sounds to be odd when you attempt to adorn your all living space windows with uniform curtains. So, the made to measure curtains category is devised by most of the curtain retailers to enable the customers to decide on color, fabric and style to procure custom made curtains.

Really the made to measure curtains is a fantastic option where you can end up all your deals through online process itself. In case of online curtain shopping, just you may enter the fabric of your wish, width and dimensions of your window, exotic flashy colors, headings and linings and within a stipulated time period they will reach you.

The role of made to measure curtains is not only intended to give a special treatment for your window but it would also let you to reveal your hidden creativity. But one criterion where you have to pay more attention is on furnishing accurate window or door measurements.

If you fail to provide the perfect dimensions then your desired made to measure curtain will turn out undesirable, since the curtain retailers will not take the whole responsibility for your blind mistakes. You may select headings ranging from globlet pleated, pencil pleated, box pleated, eyelets, cased, and tab top forms for your windows.

The made to measure curtains can have variety of designs ranging from floral, geometric, plain stripes, and intricate patterns with curvilinear architecture. You can avail them on various styling including classic, contemporary, and oriental forms.

The silky polyester mix fabric will give luxurious appeal and the pure cotton blend would give grand opulence and reduce your maintenance efforts. The made to measure curtains developed from linen fabric is completely eco-friendly and retard the accumulation of dust.

Usually the made to measure curtains with strong prints on dark beige, red, blue, and black background brings in warm appearance while the light tones will kindle your mood.

The made to measure curtains with broad stripes of alternative colors will alleviate your home decoration. Furthermore roman blinds, cushions could also be the best complimenting accessories for your space.

Made To Measure Curtains- A perfect etiquette for Interior Designing

Are you fond of carrying out interior decoration? If yes, then certainly you may like ‘made to measure curtains’ for your living quarters.  The changing seasons and moods always reverberates the need for trendy outlook.

The role of made to measure curtains pops up when your room architecture is uneven and the door or window framework dimensions remain difficult to measure. This alone is not the fact, as sometimes you may wish to blend different styles, colors and fabric to your space.

And perhaps you might not be able to judge the exact dimensions and when you purchase the ready-made curtains it may turn out to be mere waste. Apart from standard dimension issues, the made to measure curtains has gained its importance for varying styles, texture, colors, patterns and intricate designs that cannot be seen in usual curtains.

They can very well suit your existing home d├ęcor accessories and bring uniformity. The made to measure curtains would stay as the fine backdrop ingredient and sway as the tailor made luxury.  They are designed to make your aura enticing with innumerous options.

If you desire to incorporate the curtain styles of various origins the made to measure curtains would be the right choice. Many curtain and fabric retailers have a crew of experts to produce the magnificent master pieces of classic, contemporary or fusion styles.

The made to measure curtains are perfectly designed according to your choice where the experts would also give some useful suggestions. The fabrics like silk and polyester will give majestic sumptuousness and the creamy or white cotton ‘made to measure curtains ‘ are easy to maintain.

Furthermore the made to measure curtains composed of linen are absolutely eco-friendly and this chic is engaged to contribute more for you. They prevent the dust accumulation; stay sturdy even under the moist conditions and its natural flavor may root out the microbial invasions.

Anyhow first of all get equipped to measure the exact dimensions of doors or windows and after that place an order since when once the curtain is ready we cannot craft it to our desire. And also customize the linings and headings.
Tryout different color schemes, patterns, and fabrics for your rooms. Depending upon the area of usage you may apply dark purple, violet, red, beige or burgundy and also the light creamy white, romantic pink, and spongy green colors.

The made to measure curtains are available in different price ranges, so rush out to pick the floral, geometric and striped elegance for your loveable dwelling.