Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tips On How To Measure Curtains and Roman Blinds

Curtains deliver elegance and shield our home from intense light, water, dust and harmful radiation. These draperies are available in various shapes and dimensions with funky styles and vivid colors. They can be easily accessed at retail outlets or by online purchase.

They filter gentle breeze with vivacious linings and are tailored using different fabric. As many people are keen to adorn their interior the hype for Cushions, Roman Blinds, Custom Made Curtains, and Made to Measure curtains arise.

Many online curtain designers are out there to craft your desired curtain. But you may bring your dream curtain to visual form only if you provide proper width and breadth. Here are some of the tips on measuring curtains.

Tips On How To Measure Roman Blinds

Initial care has to be taken while implementing Roman Blinds. For any type of curtains the exact window measurement is essential. And in case of Roman Blinds both inside and outside recess measurements are essential for exact window fit.

The inside recess is a simple deal where you take wall to wall measurements in three different spots. This would be helpful in case when your window takes different shape except square. And make a note on small measurement.

And based upon the inner recess measurement the curtain makers will diminish the given size and make a curtain to ensure issueless perfect movements. The outside recess measurement is very simple, as just note down the width of the window architecture.

Finally measure the length of the drop from window top to sill.

Tips On How To Measure Curtains on a Rail

If you wish to hang the curtains by following rail system then Pencil Pleat, Goblet Pleat, and Triple Pleat headings would be the appropriate choice. The pencil pleat is always a first and eminent option since it could compliment any kind of furnishing.

The goblet pleat brings in elegance and sway as long lasting luxury while triple pleat or French pleat will add superior sophistication and could exactly fit pelmet. 

The curtain rail should be fixed 15cm above the window and must be extended to 15 to 20 cm. And also maintain a width of 2.5 cm so that the event of overlapping will not occur. The curtains that fall below the sill would end up with 15cm and floor length curtains at 1.5 cm length from the floor.

Tips On How To Measure Curtains on a Pole

Many stylish poles are available in the market. They carry vivid colours with wood, metal and plastic combinations. Similar to curtains on rail the pencil pleat, goblet pleat, triple pleat, eyelet and tab top pleat would be the apt heading styles.

The measure for curtains on pole is similar to that of rail system. For triple, pencil and goblet headings just measure from pole rings. For eyelet or tab top heading perform measurement from the pole tip.

If you confront difficulties on making perfect measurement, hire a professional to get the task complete. This would be helpful when you order for custom made curtains or made to measure curtains.

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  1. Wonderful Tips.

    A quick general tips for Roman Blind Measuring:

    • Use an alloy tape determine for inflated truth.
    • Measure more than formerly to assure accuracy.
    • For monumental windows 2 roman blinds view by support sometimes totality healthier than one large bulky one.
    • Conduct your measurements in centimeters to desist having to persuade them later. All measurements entered in the website are in centimeters.